Dr Denise Dillon
Associate Dean, Research and Research Education
James Cook University, Singapore

Dr Denise Dillon has a PhD in psychology and qualifications in psychology, English literature and higher education. In all her pursuits, curiosity about human interactions with our natural environment comes to the fore. An environmental psychologist, Denise supervises research projects aligning with a focus on urban biophilia, which draws on a local and global push for sustainability through an increase in opportunities for engagement with nature in high-density urbanised environments. Research indicates that these urban engagements with nature can be effectively fostered in workplace, learning, healing, and community environments. She has also published in the field of ecocriticism (the study of the relationship between literature and the physical environment). Denise is a certified Forest Therapy Guide (through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy in the US) and she periodically conducts Forest Therapy walks for members of the public in various locations in Singapore.