Dr Miina Öhman
Senior Research Fellow
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Program, Duke-NUS Medical School
Webinar #3 - Nature Matters: Benefits for Physical and Mental Health

Dr. Miina Öhman is a physician scientist – and an outdoors enthusiast – originally from Finland, where she obtained her Medical Doctor degree, and worked as a clinician in Emergency Medicine and Primary Care. After completing her Ph.D. in genetics of obesity in University of Helsinki, she continued research work in United States studying cardiovascular diseases and inflammation in University of Michigan. The past seven years she has worked in Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, with research projects on diabetes and diabetic complications.

In addition to finding new ways to cure diseases with laboratory-based science, Dr. Öhman is interested in why disconnection from nature can derail our physical and mental well-being, and how exposure to nature and greenness can promote human health.