Ms Kavita Satwalekar
Wellness Expert, Founder & Life Coach
Inner Sense Coaching

Emotional wellness advocate Kavita Satwalekar, helps clients bring balance to their lives so they feel energized and empowered to show up as the best versions of themselves, every single day!

Kavita’s signature tools and techniques combat the all-too-familiar fatigue that is well known to working professionals in today’s environment. In its place, her clients find purpose and passion so they can address their lives in a balanced and playful, yet meaningful way.
FACT: Balanced & Approachable Leader = Trusted Leader = Engaged Followers = Healthier and Happier Attitude and Emotions at Work = Success!
Kavita founded Inner Sense Consulting as a vehicle to combine her fourteen years of corporate experience in organizational development, with her genuine love for helping people who are focused on helping themselves succeed. She has a bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Business Administration, alongside numerous certifications in group work, life coaching and behavior analysis. She is the perfect blend of talent, intuition, honesty and a fresh perspective!