Ms Maija Eriika Ruokanen
International Educator
University of Oulu, Finland

Maija has taught in International Schools around the world for nearly 20 years. During her teaching career, she has worked with different age groups and nationalities. She has seen how the learning environment can enhance the culture of learning and well-being in the classroom. Maija is an inquiry based teacher, facilitating self-efficacy and supporting self-directed learning with her students and teams. Well-being and happiness play a central role when students are engaged in discovery, research and inquiry.

Maija is originally from the Arctic Circle in Finland where she completed her Master’s Degree in International Education. International teaching has taken Maija around the world and she has lived in Hanoi, Bangkok, New York, Melbourne and Bangalore. In her latest Leadership role Maija got involved in Learning Space Design and in addition to teacher’s certificate, Maija has a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from Australia. Maija now teaches at the Australian International School in Singapore and runs professional development for students, teachers and parents about learning spaces and their impact on learning.