Ms Stasha Wong
Healing Paws Coordinator and Management Committee Representative for Education and Outreach
SOSD, Healing Paws

Stasha Wong is a volunteer-coordinator for SOSD’s Healing Paws Programme, an Animal-Assisted Activities initiative of animal welfare charity SOSD. The programme brings comfort and companionship to persons-in-need, furthering SOSD’s vision as the leading humane organization advocating canine welfare and promoting positive human-canine relations.

Healing Paws is volunteer-run with 70 handlers and 45 dogs, visiting up to 11 different charities monthly. Each session, involving casual interaction between dogs and beneficiaries, helps beneficiaries to feel less lonely and provides a welcome distraction from pain or infirmity. Our partners include Bright Vision Community Hospital, Red Cross Home for the Disabled, and the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. Through Healing Paws, SOSD hopes to increase the appreciation of animal companionship among persons who would otherwise not have opportunities to interact with dogs.

Stasha is a graduate student at the National University of Singapore and is also a member of the management committee of SOSD.