Ms Viivi Avellan
Chief Operating Officer
Innovation House Singapore
Fireside Chat

Viivi is a Finnish entrepreneur. She set up her first company when she was 25 years old – her business was consulting on media solutions and event production. For her daily job she worked as a journalist: first on national TV news as a producer and reporter – later as the Editor in Chief for Golf Magazine.

She moved to Singapore on 2016 and set up two companies here. She is selling online Finnish wellness and skincare products. One of her companies is producing psychological mobile apps enhanced with AI.

On spring 2019 her long time Finnish friends asked her to join their coworking space Innovation House Singapore as the COO. They have recently opened this Singaporean co-work space, with a concept more focused on a holistic approach to wellbeing and happiness and she was therefore very thrilled to be part of their innovating community.