Ms Yap Youmin
Xiu Nature Connections

Youmin is a certified nature and forest therapy guide and a yoga nidra facilitator. A pioneer in the Southeast Asia, she is passionate about sharing nature connections and deep restorative rest for well-being, especially for stressed out and disconnected city dwellers. In this frantic world we live in, she believes that we need to go into the ‘rest space’ to find ourselves, we need to slow down in a practical manner in order to thrive in a sustainable manner. Working with individuals, groups and organisations, Youmin’s intention is to support them to rise up as well-rested leaders. She has been invited to guide and teach at overseas workshops and retreats including Finland and Thailand. Her work has also been shared in publications as well as at international and local conferences, including the International Forest Therapy Conference and Therapeutic Horticulture Seminar. A qualified educator, Youmin’s background is in plant science, having earned a Master’s degree in Life Sciences by research with the National University of Singapore. She is the founder of Xiu Nature Connections.