Khedrup Rinpoche
Khedrup Foundation

Khedrupchen Rinpoche graduated from Ngagyur Nyingma College, Dehradun, India in 2014. Even before the completion of his studies, the Rephel Mindrol Monastery in Trongsa was offered to him by the local community. Since then Rinpoche has been taking full responsibility of the monastery, which is now home to 28 monks who are mostly orphans and either physically and/or mentally challenged.

Today, Khedrup Rinpoche has followers and students from all over the world and teaches on Buddhist philosophies and meditation techniques among other topics in Bhutan and abroad. Recently, Khedrup Rinpoche has taught on a varying range of topics mostly relevant to the modern world. For instance, he focuses on how values such as compassion and mindfulness can be used as a tool to overcome the challenges brought on by our daily lives, with the ultimate goal to achieve lasting peace and happiness.