Ms Lyn Lee
Chief Inclusivity & Diversity Officer
Royal Dutch Shell
Panel Discussions

Lyn Lee is a Singapore-based Asian, female, global leader with an extensive track record in Shell.

In her 17 years at Shell, Lyn has held HR leadership roles in the Commercial Downstream businesses. In the last 5 years, she was also instrumental in driving the strategic people growth and transformation of the Shell Business Operations (SBO) which today accounts for about 15% of Shell’s global population. As the Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion for Royal Dutch Shell, Lyn champions the D&I priorities, focusing very much on accelerating the progress of gender balance in senior leadership and STEM roles, ethnicity and local national representation.

Lyn is passionate and committed to driving workplace inclusion of People with Disabilities (PwD), different sexual orientation (LGBT+), and promoting Care and de-stigmatising Mental Illness. She represents Shell as a company which embraces a diverse global workforce through building a strong culture of inclusion, respect and high-performance at Shell.